Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Effect of onion (Allium cepa) ingestion on anti-oxidant status in goat erythrocytes    D.V.M    ,    
2    Evaluation of oxidative effects of onion (Allium cepa) ingestion on goat erythrocytes    D.V.M    ,    
3    Evaluation of some minerals and natural antioxidants during transition period and their relatioships with postpartum BHB concentration in dairy cows.    D.V.M    Karimi, Negar    0000-00-00
4    Metabolic predictors of fatty liver in dairy cattle    Ph.D    Mostafavi, Masoud    0000-00-00
5    Relationship between Troponin I, Fe, Cu, Se and Zn concentrations with some oxidative estress characteritics in sheep blood serum    D.V.M    ,    0000-00-00
6    The effects of oral administration of rumen juice on some blood parameters and growth indices in broilers            0000-00-00
7    The effect of melatonin on some blood parameters and performance of broilers following feed restriction            0000-00-00
8    Evaluation of hematological, biochemical, inflammatory and oxidative parameters in clinical and subclinical endometritis befor and after treatment in dairy cattle.            0000-00-00
9    Investigation the antagonistic effect of suramin on the histophathological and Hematological parameters changes effect of Echis carinatus venom in rat            0000-00-00
10    Copmarison of stress oxidative markers in cattle, camels and sheep infected with hepatic hydatid cyst and their relationship with serum trace elemants and hepatic markers            0000-00-00
11    Changes of oxidative stress markers following general anesthesia in cats    D.V.M    ,    0000-00-00
12    Effects of anticoagulants and storage conditions on blood oxidative stress parameters and trace elements in animals            0000-00-00
13    Transcription analysis of pro- and anti-apoptotic ER-stress genes, the role of oxidative injury and protective roles of pomegranate pith and carpellary membrane polyphenols            0000-00-00
14    Evaluation of cardiac biomarkers in maternal and neonatal following C-section associated with two anesthetic protocols in dogs            0000-00-00
15    A study of Pathological and Immunological changes in sheep that experimentally infected with Theileria lestoquardi            0000-00-00
16    Experimental induction of acute and chronic heat stress in broilers and assessment of supportive effects of Hot    D.V.M    araghi, mostafa    2010-12-12
17    Effect of administration of ascorbic acid on trace element concentrations and antioxidative index in neonatal dairy calves    D.V.M    Mesgarani, Hooman    2011-01-23
18    Energy indices and productive Responses of Holstein-Frisian Dairy cows to fat supplementation of a high energy close-up ration: a field study    D.V.M    ,    2011-03-15
19    The effect of orally administration of Ascorbic Acid on trace elements and oxidative indicators in dairy calf    D.V.M    Mesgarani, Hooman    2011-05-10
20    Experimental monensin toxicosis in goats        deljo, seyed mahdi    2011-05-15
21    Evaluation of oxidative stress, hematology, biochemistry and trace elements in dogs with leishmaniasis and their comparison with healthy dogs.    D.V.M    ,    2011-05-22
22    Ultrasonographic evaluation of rumen mucosa and its relationship with inflammatory indices and oxidative stress in experimental chronic rumen acidosis in cattle        mirmazhary anvar, seyed vahid    2011-06-13
23    Determination of the amount of fructosamine in transition period of cow and its relationship with energy characteristics and serum proteins    D.V.M    Hassanabadi, Morteza    2011-06-22
24    Evaluation of Fructosamine and Serum Metabolic Parameters in Prediction of post-partum Diseases and Fertility in Dairy Cattle    Ph.D    hosseini, seyed mohammad javad    2011-07-11
25    The correlation of serum acute phase protein (serum amyloid a) with fat content of liver    D.V.M    ,    2011-09-18
26    Changes of oxidative stress markers in cats undergoing ovariohysterectomy by a midline or flank approach    D.V.M    ,    2011-10-12
27    Determination of the concentration of fructosamine and its relation with other energy and serum proteins markers in sanen dairy goat    D.V.M    ,    2011-11-22
28    Correlation between Ab titer against BVD Virus and haematologic findings related to the non-specific immunity in high yeilding dairy cows.    D.V.M    ,    2012-01-10
29    Exercise profile test (blood) during training and competition in Torkeman horses    D.V.M    Ghanbari Nehbandani, Hosein    2012-01-30
30    The effect of Dexamethasone and Insulin administration on energy metabolism and incidence of SCK in dairy cows at early postpartum period    Ph.D    sami, mehrdad    2012-05-14
31    The effect of specialty -fat –supplemented-high energy close-up rations on some hormones involved in energy metabolism of Holstein-Frisian dairy cows: a field study    Ph.D    ali pourzamani, shahram    2012-07-09
32    Qualitative evaluation of anionic supplement, An-Cid, in prevention of milk fever in dairy cows    D.V.M    ,    2012-07-21
33    Design and Development of Bacterial Ghost of Avian Pathogenic E.coli (APEC) Serotype O78 as a Homologous Vaccine Against Avian Colibacillosis    Ph.D    Ebrahimi Nik, Hakimeh    2012-11-14
34    Changing in oxidative stress markers (specific and non-specific) during training and compitation in Torkman horses    D.V.M    khanzadeh, pouria    2013-01-14
35    A comparison of endometrial cytology and vaginal discharge scoring for the detection of endometritis in postpartum dairy cows    D.V.M    abani, samira    2013-01-16
36    Effects of parenteral administration of vit A at dry period on health, performance, hematology, and oxidative/anti oxidative characteristics in neonatal calves    D.V.M    Panjahi, Zohreh    2013-01-27
37    The effect of anionization of close-up ration of Holstein-Frisian dairy cattle Using An-Cid anionic supplement on serum concentrations of Iron, copper, zinc and selenium    D.V.M    ,    2013-01-28
38    The Relationships of oxidative stress markers with hematological parameters and iron proflie in neonatal dairy calves.    D.V.M    rajabian, fateme    2013-02-02
39    Investigation the effect of Echis carinatus venom on biochemical parameters of blood and antagonistic effect of suramin in rat    D.V.M    RASTEGAR MOGHADAM TAFTI, HAMIDEH    2013-02-19
40    Experimental transmission of Theileria Lestoquardi in Balochi sheep and study of biochemical and hemathological Parameters.    Ph.D    Yaghfoori, Saeed    2013-05-20
41    Oxidative stress and trace elements in dairy cows with left displacement abomasul (LDA)    D.V.M    Kiani Monfared, Kambiz    2013-09-15
42    Effects of anticoagulants, time and storage temperature on some blood oxidative stress parameters and trace elements in cattle    D.V.M    rafat bahari, zahra    2013-11-05
43    Hematology and serum biochemistry of Saanen goat kids from birth to 3 month of age    D.V.M    abdolvahabi, safoora    2013-12-01
44    Evaluation of uterine inflammatory state in postpartum cows with and without endometritis by endometrial proinflammatory cytokine gene expression and its association with leukocyte esterase and pH test.    Ph.D    Mohammadi, Mohammad    2013-12-04
45    Evaluation of some myocardial injury biomarkers in dogs with leishmaniasis and their relationship with ECG changes    D.V.M    Mirmortazavi, Parichehre    2013-12-25
46    Biochemical and histopathological changes in the myocardium, kidney and skeletal muscle of male rat injected with testosterone enanthate and of endurance training    D.V.M    karbasi, samira    2014-02-03
47    Effects of common anticoagulants on plasma biochemistry of cat and comparison with serum    D.V.M    kamali sadegheian, helia    2014-02-09
48    Effect of shortening dry period length on metabolism,health,fertility and milk production during heat stress in dairy cows    Ph.D    aghababaie, mohamad    2014-03-11
49    Relationships between oxidative stress biomarkers, liver damage and clinical status in sheep naturally infected by Dicrocoelium dendriticum    Ph.D    samadie, hadi    2014-03-12
50    Evaluation of metabolic profiling test predictive value on locomotion scores and hoof injuries resulted in lameness    D.V.M    riahi, mohammad    2014-09-17
51    The effects of pregnancy and lactation on the lead concentration and oxidative stress markers in dairy cows    D.V.M    Daneshmand Eslami, Yeganeh    2015-01-04
52    Serum insulin concentration and insulin resistance in laminitic and osteochonroitic dessicans horses referred to Ferdowsi university of Mashhad teaching hospital    Ph.D    AHMADI, FATEMEH    2015-01-06
53    Assessment of C-Reactive protein in dogs with TVT    D.V.M    Nanvabashi, Faezeh    2015-01-26
54    The effects of parenteral iron supplementation on thyroid hormones and oxidative stress characteristics in dairy calves    D.V.M    khaleghnia, narges    2015-02-01
55    Relationship between the concentrations of some trace elements, oxidative stress indices, acute phase proteins, energy metabolites and hormones of blood serum of Fat and non fat Holestein dairy cows at transision period.    Ph.D    dehghan shahreza, fatemeh    2015-07-04
56    Comparing partial anionization of close up ration (partial DCAD) with partial anionization of whole dry period (extended partial DCAD) in dairy cattle.    Ph.D    Norouzi, Behnaz    2015-07-04
57    Quality control of manipulation of calcium and phosphorus of close-up ration in comparison with partial anionization in an commercial dairy farm    D.V.M    teymoury, farid    2015-07-22
58    Quality control of partial anionization of close up ration (partial DCAD) in a dairy farm in comparison with full anionization (Full DCAD) procedure    D.V.M    hanifi mashhadrizei, mohsen    2015-07-22
59    Prevalence of dermatophytes in cats with clinical suspicion of dermatophytosis presented to Fredowsi University of Mashhad Teaching Hospital    D.V.M    ghiasi, zohre    2015-12-22
60    Clinical and Clinco-pathologic Evaluatiion of Different Anesthetic Methods Following Co2 Pneumoperitoneum in Dogs    Ph.D    Alipour, Faezeh    2016-01-09
61    Evaluation of iron, albumin, and platelet indices in diagnosis of systemic inflammatory response syndrome in dog and comparision with traditional variables (leukogram and CRP)    D.V.M    torabi torbati, banafsheh    2016-02-03
62    Relathionship between troponin I and other biomarkers of myocardial injury with concentration of some trace elements and oxidative stress biomarkers in Arabian horse after exercize    Ph.D    pourmohammad, roya    2016-06-01
63    The effects of the extracts of different parts of banana fruit on hematological, immunological and antioxidant characteristics, performance and health of neonatal dairy calves    Ph.D    Keivani rad, Nafiseh    2016-06-22
64    Study on the relationship between thyroid hormones and some serum oxidative markers in Sannen goat kids from birth to Three months of age    D.V.M    Valavi, Elham    2016-07-13
65    Study of cardiac troponin I in dairy calf pneumonia    D.V.M    baheri, peyman    2016-10-08
66    Effects of aflatoxin B1 on blood neutrophil functions in bovine and camelide neonates    Ph.D    NAJAFI MOSLEH, SAJJAD    2016-11-14
67    Comparison of steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as adjunctive therapy in dairy calf pneumonia    D.V.M    sadeghi, moslem    2016-12-12
68    Vitamin D injection effects on Calcium metabolism indicators in anionic supplemented dairy cattle in Transition period    Ph.D    Sadri, ُShahab    2017-01-14
69    The effects of Vitamin D injection on energy, oxidative stress and inflamatory characteristics of dairy cows in transition period        Hassanabadi, Morteza    2017-01-14
70    Comparison between anesthesia of two substances of isoflurane and sevoflurane in pigeon: physiological effects, hematocrit, biochemical factors of plasma behavioral effects    D.V.M    noori, farzane    2017-01-23
71    Study of histomorphometry, Histopathology and functional effect of mobile phone on kidney in rat    Ph.D    sanati faz, alireza    2017-01-23
72    Influence of metabolizable protein nature on the acute phase response (APR) in Holstein dairy cows with subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) challenge    Ph.D    kheyrandish, parisa    2017-06-20
73    A study on the relationship of hypocalcemia in transition period with ocuurence of post-partum diseases, infertility and milk production    Ph.D    KIA, SAMUEL    2017-07-23
74    Investigating the effects of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E co-supplementation on biomarkers of oxidative stress and lipid profilr in Terrierdogs with or without behaviour problems.    D.V.M    Homayouni Toosi, Babak    2017-10-17
75    Preliminary serological study of Brucella Canis in dogs of Mashhad suburb    D.V.M    kheradmand, negar    2018-01-20
76    Comparative study on anticoagulation effects of Hirudin, EDTA and Heparin on hematological and biochemistry parameters of dog’s blood.    D.V.M    Mohammadi Yekta, Mohammad Mostafa    2018-07-04